Monday, April 25

living it twice.

does not living the 'time of your life' mean that you do not 'have a life'?
what if the 'time of your life' does not include wasting away in some bar or jet-setting in monte carlo (or pahang for the tigerairways $9.98 flights). what if 'life' to you means hanging out with your family, enjoying some well-deserved reading time or just marvel at nigella lawson whip up something on discovery channel? does that qualify as solid defense when someone accuses you of 'not getting a life'?

right now it is my four-month break and i really do ask myself why i embarked on this internship so early. i try to convince myself that this is what THEY do- you know, those who eventually want a headstart in our careers. i am not exactly unhappy but when i see people having fun partying away, am i suppose to feel envious? i guess when i ask myself such a question- the answer is probably no. i am going to just end off here__

i JUST caught the aviator yesterday. and it occured to me that if frank abangnale jr. (from "catch me if you can") were to bump into howard hughes (from "aviator"), a very good conversation opener would be, "HEY, the same guy played us in our biographies..."

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