Thursday, April 28

tea for one and a half.

my new (and third) seating position aligns me directly next to one (of the three) pregnant ladies on my floor. and everytime i watch her indulge in breakfast (or for that matter, in a mcflurry yesterday) i cannot help but guss over how lucky she is. right now, she is onto her second pastry, which what resembles an apply turnover, from delifrance and i am just wincing with the crumble of every puff and crust. *groan

no wonder hollywood stars love getting pregnant...

anyway i made my maiden trip to bugis junction for lunch yesterday and boy oh boy it sure is happening! no way like those dinghy "shopping malls" that ought to have been torn down eons ago.. it is like a mini orchard road shopping centre (though without the likes of zara and ho-high fashion boutiques) and the food -there we go again- vicinity was amazing.. they have ya kun, rotiboy, tio glutton.. ok i know, right now i sound like a major country bumpkin's pumpkin but i am just amazed by how somewhere more than five train stops away from town can produce such a profusion of interesting outlets.. no prizes for guessing where i am heading over for lunch today!

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