Monday, June 25

Da Paolo Gastronomia's Greens & Grains

Da Paolo has jumped into the grain-bowl trend. Prices from $13.90 and many "premium-ish" items come with extra dollar signs.

I really liked my concoction, which consisted of a slightly spicy chermoula dory, roasted turmeric cauliflowers, grilled zucchini, soba and creamy basil pesto. I'm really digging the spices in this bowl!

I did have one gripe and I don't know if it is because of the warm-blooded Asian in me. The fridge was served out-of-the-fridge cold; I get that grain bowls are usually served at room temperature but this intense coldness of the dish made it difficult to enjoy. The staff had no issue warming the bowl up (which I highly recommend) and all was well again.

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