Thursday, April 19

Poke Doke, Millenia Walk

Over the past one year, it just felt like organisms in our brains decided poke is cool and literally a wave of poke stores descended upon our shoes.

We visited because a friend had the Entertainer app, which gave you a 1-for-1. We both had a medium and I chose spicy salmon, original salmon and 5 other toppings atop brown rice. To be honest, there isn't a lot of differentiation when it comes to the menu. Choose a size (Small, Medium or Large) that determines how many toppings you get, choose your poke and add-ons... BOOM, grab your order and tuck in.

My pet peeve for Poke Doke is the use of plastic containers - for in-store dining. Is it that difficult to wash #x numbers of bowls (walk-in traffic is not that high) or use biodegradable serve ware?

In fairness, it made for a light and pleasant meal - perhaps, too light as I found myself reaching for snacks within a couple of hours later. This is not the first time this has happened to me and I don't consider myself a huge eater. Is it me or does Poke not do it for you either?

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Anonymous said...

Used to be in paper bowls. now they changed to plastic? Less visits from me then.