Monday, April 23

Luka, Tanjong Pagar

It’s been a while since we last went out with our in-laws and we decided to check out Luka, a Japanese-Italian restaurant that specializes in pizza, pasta and wagyu. The dinner menu is extensive and looks downright delicious, while their lunch menu is a lot more modest but by no means less satisfying.

We were ravenous by the time we found parking and settled the boys so the complimentary bread and herb-y ricotta cheese were very much appreciated.The only salad they had for their lunch menu was surprisingly good too though the creamy dressing had a huge role to play in that.


We had a couple of pizzas – Funghi and Proscuitto – and they were both blessed with leopard spots (thanks to a handmade brick oven) and moreishly scrumptious. 
It’s not difficult to get a good pie in Singapore but finding one that hits the notes is always welcomed.


I’m not easily blown away by pasta. They are usually nothing more than just fillers. However, the Squid Ink and Vongole spaghettis we had were both really good too. Brimming with flavour despite its simplicity. FYI, I had the pleasure of black-stained lips all afternoon so check the mirror before you leave the restaurant. 

Desserts-wise, the tiramisu and mixed berry crumble pulled their weight and rounded up a very gratifying lunch.

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