Monday, December 18

Xmas at 76 2017

And it’s a wrap!

We did our Christmas shebang last weekend, intentionally a little earlier to space out the festivities. It's alot of working planning and making food for 30 people, but our Christmas parties have been a ritual we have come to take alot of pride in. There is just something about party planning that I absolutely love. I think it's really a creative outlet for me and once the party is done, I'm thinking about the next.

On top of that, KW and I are considered introverts, so these occasions are really special for us because the people we have over are special to us and have been with us along the way for so many years. 

Open bar

Say Cheese

 This year I wanted to create a cheese board and just so happens, KW recently bought back a couple of cheese from a business trip to Amsterdam.  
Arugula salad

Christmas greens with a dash of nutritional yeast. I know it sounds totally weird but I love that stuff. The boys love it too and it's super healthy so check check and check!

Avocado almond cous cous salad

Avocado, honey roasted almonds, cranberries and cous cous - what's not to like? Classic Ina Garten line. Thankfully, you don't need to have the culinary chops of Ina Garten to pull off this salad.

Black garlic truffle pasta

I just love this dish and a couple of friends asked for the recipe after the party. Black garlic is such a unique and healthy ingredient that is just so underrated. I know a few of you dropped me comments on the recipe too, so if you would like it, please email me at
Roasted zataar chicken

I really wanted to do a different 'Roast Chicken' dish and the spice zataar popped up on my radar. Again, if you have never tried zataar or sumac, go for it. You will be surprised.

 5kg hunk of Glazed Jerk Ham


The ham was just sooo good, it deserves a left and right profile.  

I think this is defnitely one of KW's top 3achievements, right up there with St Louis ribs and Wagyu steak.

Plus Xmas cakes from Mezza9 – Grand Hyatt Singapore (thanks to my sister!), paired with pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Have you guys tried Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Toffee? OMG, I have always been Team Haagen Daaz but this is my new favourite.


We are incredibly lucky to have family and friends who let us feed them.


JT said...

What are your favourite places to get plateware? I love your collection! Can see the collection growing in your blog posts - very nice!

yixiao said...

Hello JT, I love scooping them up from affordable stores. IKEA, Redmart and newly-discovered Lazada are a bunch of places I shop at. Yes, the collection IS GROWING... AHHH!