Monday, October 9

Brunch at Autobus, OUE Downtown

One fine Saturday morning, we headed to Autobus for lunch but to my epic  disappointment, they didn't serve their protein bowls on weekends! In place was modest all-day brunch menu peppered with dishes such as - you guess it - Breakfast and Eggs Ben. #groundbreaking

It was a little too late to change our plans (note: hungry totes) so we settled for all that was non-eggy. I do not believe in paying double digits for eggs, thank you very much. I know I being melodramatic, as the food was really more than decent. It's just hard to swallow the disappointment but we got to be objective.

Every dish we had was very competently done and yummy. The two burgers we had - wagyu beef and pulled pork - were perfectly juicy and fresh. We swooped one of the fries for sweet potato fried for a surcharge of $1 and it was worth the buck. The duck toastie was good too though a little on the bread-y side. And even the side dishes were pleasing,  their har cheong gai fresh from the dep fryer, bearing hints of prawn pasta flavour and the kale chips, our way of getting the kids to eat their greens. 

I wish they hold onto their protein bowls during the weekends and not give into the brunch hype.

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