Monday, October 16

Anniversary lunch at Odette

Last weekend, KW and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary with lunch at Odette. Special thanks to my in-laws who babysat the boys while we enjoyed some time out from them.

A week before our reservation, we received an email that after two years, the resutrant had decided to hike up their prices and their Saturday lunch degustation menu went from $128++ to $158++ for their 6-course menu. Initially, this didn’t sit that well with me, but I knew we had to do it. We thoroughly enjoyed Chef Julian Royer’s stint at Jaan so not trying out his namesake restaurant felt like unfinished business.


By the end of the meal, I’m extremely glad we didn’t let the price hike cloud our enthusiasm. To be honest, I didn’t see Chef Royer throughout our meal but he should be really proud of his team, who gamely held the fort while he was away. The food was superb, but the icing on the cake was surely the warm affable service lacking at other fine dining establishments. The entire looked really young, like fresh-out-of-school young, but there was a level of maturity and optimism in those whom we encountered and it made me really happy for them that they took such pride in taking care of their customers.

Before the start of any meal, it is customary for the server to check in with their customers on allergies and what-not. I cheekily replied, “I’m allergic to chicken breast” and to my surprise, our server got in on the joke and asked the kitchen to prepare lamb for us instead. I was totally not expecting her to do so nor the kitchen to accommodate but this little gesture is exemplary of their dedication to creating a great customer experience. Ok, back to the food.

As soon as we were given the menus, a darling trio of canapés swopped in for brownie points. Frankly, I can’t quite remember what we had but they were intriguing and if you ran out of conversation starters, this would be a good time to look incredibly pensive as you nibble through the amuse bouche.

After the canapes, we were served Chef Julian Royer’s mushroom tea topped with sabayon and toasted buckwheat. We have had the Mushroom Tea back at Jaan and I remember being blown away by it. Having it a second time round was like catching up with a really dear friend – a harmonious umami blend of the familiar and comforting. 

For a carb-nut like myself, the bread basket is a good indicator of things to come. I really do appreciate restaurants that pay attention to the type of bread they serve. Served with whipped pork lard and salted butter, Odette delivers a trio of truffle brioche, chestnut roll and rye bread, which were all warm and toasty. Oh, my heart sings for that that truffle brioche...

Hokkaido Scallop Tartare 

The first dish of our 6-course lunch was Hokkaido scallop tartare, gingerly layered with kyoho grapes and nashi pear, served alongside scallop roe tartine. It was sweet and briny at the same time, a great way to start. 

Heirloom Beetroot Variation

Next up was the prettiest dish of beetroot in various forms - beetroot sorbet, crumbs, meringue - mixed with thin slices of radish, pomegranate seeds, and buratta. Beetroot is not my thing, but I’m glad Chef didn’t stick to crowd-favourite vegetables.

Rosemary Smoked Organic Egg

Next up was the theatrical 55 degrees Pine-Smoked Organic Egg that has won the hearts of many social media users. The sous vide egg is poured into the smoked potato, mousse, chorizo and buckwheat. With a gentle stir, what you have essentially is breakfast taken to gastronomic heights. Still lovely, but I must say the textures and flavours are a little too similar to the Mushroom Tea we had earlier.

Confit Rainbow Trout Charred Kurobuta pork belly

Mmm, confit rainbow trout with charred Kurobuta pork belly. Trout and pork might not be your usual surf-and-turf pairing, but I loved this dish as well. Unctuous and indulgent ultimately held back by modest portions so you wouldn't feel uncomfortably stuffed. The parsley puree was a little sharp but perhaps without it, the dish would have too greasy.

Quercy Lamb Saddle

I’m so so glad we had the lamb, instead of chicken breast for our main. The lamb loin and belly were superb and the dollop of harissa helped soothed the gamey taste without masking it. Serving cous cous with lamb isn’t ground-breaking but it was exactly what we needed as a filler.Ahh, so good!

Palate Cleanser

A snowy white palate cleanser of lemon sorbet and grapefruit slices.

Lemon T’art

A chocolate dessert would have been a decandent end to our meal, and perhaps pushed us over the edge. I loved the lemon tart and basil sorbet for its puckery aromatic fresh flavours.


We rounded up the meal with an assortment of Petit Fours, a playful gang of rose lychee lollipop (that reminded me of our local bandung drink), canele, mango and banana choux puffs, and sea salt caramels.


With such a delightful experience, I wouldn’t rule out an annual pilgrimage to Odette.

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