Monday, November 20

What's next?

Ahh, this blog has been woefully quiet. It’s not that there isn’t much going on, in fact, life has been good. On the family front, the boys are doing a great job of testing both our patience and brevity of love. I’m guessing any parents can attest to being both ridiculously frustrated yet hopelessly contented too.

The truth is I’m not quite sure what to do with this blog. I have had it for more than 10 years and it’s great being able to look back at our milestones and memories. However, the updating is not as fun, and more importantly, I do find myself being more relaxed and present when I don’t have the need to record the moments to update my blog.

Ever since I had kids, I thought the blog would be a great way to capture and document our memories. I still do believe in that – sort of - the payoff just seems really far off. While I would love to share more on the boys, I’m also increasingly protective of their privacy. Ahh, decisions, decisions.

I’m not quite ready to abandon this blog. It’s been such an integral part of my life and once, a necessary outlet for me to vent and share my feelings. Perhaps it will still be updated though at a much less frequent pace.

Well, last weekend, perhaps inspired by our trip to Affordable Art Fair, Russell came home and painted a series of his muses - T-Rex, Planets and Periodic Table. While I was getting ready to head out, Russell tapped up his paintings (thankfully using washi tape) in our living room. He also signed his paintings and posed willingly for pictures (rare for this 5 year old). The randomness of this incident and his peachy-pleased enthusiasm was thoroughly amusing!


Bern said...

This post totally resonates! I've been lagging behind in my blogging too...because life. Still, i love reading your posts, however sporadic, they're so honest and real. keep 'em comin'!

yixiao said...

Thank you, Bern. Not an #influencer... so heartened that people appreciate the raw unpolished feel.

Bern said...

hahahahaa!!!!! Love the hashtag insert!!!!! #justsaying

Yuu said...

We are still here, YX!

yixiao said...

AWWW Thanks Yuu!