Monday, July 24

Early birthday celebrations at DB Bistro & Oyster Bar, MBS

I like DB Bistro & Oyster Bar. It was my third visit and I still enjoyed it very much. It is fine without being over  the top stuffy; the food is not groundbreaking but the execution is nearly spot-on. Overpriced it is, so a special occasion beckons.

My brother-in-law and his family were recently in town and it was great spending some time with them, especially this was a spontaneous trip back from California. To cap off their trip, we had lunch at DB Bistro & Oyster Bar and I ended up celebrating my birthday early with KW's side of the family.


We each ordered a main and some items to share. The Kale Caesar was rather unexceptional, while the House Salad shined with a smattering of goat cheese, beetroot and pecan nuts. As for side dishes, the brussel sprouts were some of the best brussel sprouts we have ever had, thanks to the smoked bacon.

We order a beef and parmesan pasta for the kids and it impressed the adults around the table. Fresh pasta tossed in a rich buttery beef bolognese. Any restaurant that takes kids' meals seriously scores high in my books; I would be hardpressed to find a reason to NOT order it the next time I'm back.

I was set on getting the sea trout but changed my mind at the eleventh hour and got myself a Frenchie instead. A hefty beef patty coooked beautifully pink, topped with confit pork belly and cheese.And those fries? To hell with no carbs, I say.

My better half ordered the 300g Brandt Farm USDA Prime Ribeye and he was kind enough to share half with me. It was really good too, a shade of perfect pink with little need for any of the accompanying sauce and mustard. My only grip would be the price tag ($75) which makes it hard to swallow, especially since KW has been making exceptional steaks at home these days. 


P for Profiteroles and ... Pizaazz. A server brought over the profiteroles, drizzled some hot chocolate and caused the chocolate disc to collapse under the heat. Very dramatic. But it was more style over the substance for the profiteroles themselves were rather pedastrian. P for Pedastrian, I guess.

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