Wednesday, July 12

Russell's Atlas of Adventures


Craziness doesn’t even begin to describe what we’ve been through over the past few years. While I might reminisce our child-less days, I wouldn’t give up my current life for anything. No life of luxury can replace the fullness I have these days.

One of Russell’s favourite books is Atlas of Adventures by Lucy Letherland, so the theme largely circled around that. My mother-in-law found a banner with over a hundred country flags and with that monstrosity, there wasn’t a need for more decorations. As KW aptly put it, "The UN is in session." It’s amazing how Russell recognises most of the flags. The walking Google of country flags.

This time round, we had full attendance, meaning all of our friends could make it. Usually, a few couples and families would have conflicting commitment, but last Saturday, the house was packed packed packed. Believe me, I was so tired after the party, it hurt just to shower. #IntrovertWoes

I am not complaining though. It has been a while since we had so many people over, so we strapped up our boots and cooked up a storm.

Vietnamese Grilled Pork Salad – I love love love this salad. I based it off this recipe and it was a great refreshing summer salad. That pork belly alone is good enough to snack on and quell the worries of carnivores.

Spinach and Mushroom Pasta Bake, based off this recipe. To be honest, I thought it was ok but my a couple of guests raved about itso maybe my tastebuds are weird.

Jerk Chicken, which Russell had too many pieces off since he is feeling T-Rex carnivorous these days.

Wagyu MB4 Steak, which was undeniably the pierce de resistence of the evening! I can't even remember the last time we went for steak at a restaurant.

Most importantly, Russell is at the age where he enjoys his birthday parties and it gives him so much joy to be able to spend it with family and friends. Our tables were full – and so are our hearts!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Russell! The party looks so fun and I love the invite! Did you design it yourself or bought it off an e-store?

yixiao said...

Thank you. I created it based on the artwork of a children's book, Atlas of Adventures.