Thursday, May 18

Our Mother's Day Dinner

Pretty yellow orchids 

Summery floral theme 

Roasted pumpkin salad

This is a last minute throw-together. Roasted pumpkin (so important to get it caramel-ly and soft), hard boiled eggs, raisins, greens and kewpie Caesar dressing. Easy peasy!

Miso-honey cod fish

Had some miso, had some honey so we made miso-honey cod fish. Next time, I will bump up the miso flavour.

Wagyu MB4 Steak

We have made this a few times and it never fails to disappoint.What a treat!

Miso Butter Bucatini

This miso pasta was a hit! I didn't have high expectations as me-not-so crazy about miso. However, the combination of garlic, butter and miso was umami on steroids. I adapted the recipe from smitten kitchen by turning up the flavour profile. I shall post the recipe soon.

My parents, in laws and sister brought desserts that included a kickass mao shan wang cake, mini magnums and a really expensive Japanese melon. Safe to says no one left hungry.

 Handmade gifts from the boys - Precious

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