Wednesday, April 5

Populus Coffee & Food, Neil Road

Contemporary gastro-cafe Populus Coffee & Food has evidently carved a name for themselves in an industry riddled with one too many eggs-benedict cafes. At 9:30am (their opening time), there was a steady queue of people hoping to grab a seat and a bite. Intense.

I met up with my girlfrieds for a belated birthday brunch for our friend and was pleased with the yummy heathlish food. Ok fine, maybe the fried chicken doesn't qualify as healthish but it's really good - I loved the seasonging of the chicken and the house special ranch dressing coated the crunchy fried chicken provided saucey comfort! I enjoyed the beef bulgogi salad and was very taken with the charred broccoli side dish. The only letdown was pulled pork grain bowl that was marred with dry stringy pulled pork. We wrapped up the meal and great conversation with a puckery key lime tart that had a buttery digestive base.

 Beef 'Bulgogi' & Quinoa Salad 

Pulled Pork Grain Bowl

slow cooked pulled pork, quinoa, bulgar wheat & pearl barley, furikake baby corn, red cabbage & apple slaw, roasted zucchini, toasted butternut squash, sauteed cherry tomatoes, L&P mixed mushrooms

Roasted Broccoli

Spring Pancake & Fried Chicken 

spring onion & corn pancake, crispy succulent fried chicken thigh fillet, hint of cumin, house special ranch dressing 

Key Lime Tart

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