Monday, February 6

Chinese New Year 2017 (Part 2)

This year's CNY was slightly more intense as we went visiting all 3 days and the following weekend. As much as it was exhausting, I genuinely loved every bit of it. I was chatting with my cousin who agreed that it is such a blessing to belong to such a big family and she wanted her husband-to-be to join her in the festivities too. 

More pictures from Day 2 onwards. 

I have taken a liking to cotton shirts these days - 
perfect for our weather

Took a while, as usual, for Russell, to warm up

Lucas' cheekier-than-thou grin 

On Day 3, we took the kids to National Gallery, which is a great place if you just want to hang out with your kids. There is lots to do and best of all, mostly freeeee. I highly recommend it. 

As per our annual tradition, we went to Auntie CM and Uncle PG's place for dinner. Such joy! I didn't take any pictures of the feast and festivities - too busy enjoying myself, and as usual, it was an affair to remember! 

My sister and I dressed our kids in matching outfits from Elly. Cuteness. 

Right now, only this cutie will indulge me. 
Got to get these pictures while I can. 

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