Wednesday, January 25

Lighten up with MashUp, Changi Business Park

Hello Monday (aka day to reset and redeem our weekend rendezvous)! This might sound bonkers but my body looks forward to this day when it gets a break from all that joyous fooding. #ThingsThatHappenWhenYouHit30s

Last weekend, I visited this elusive little food bar with no Facebook page or signboard for lunch on recommendation of a selectively healthy colleague. Prices start from $7.90 with a Light Meal Salad that includes 2 veg,1 carb,1 protein, 1 topping. All that research on vacationing in Japan has subconsciously influenced my lunch choice for the day and I had a Light Meal with salmon, sweet potatoes, sprouts, corn, almonds and greens. Quite frankly, I should go for a Wholesome Meal which comes with two protein as I made a cookie run after lunch.

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