Friday, November 25

Seconds at Kith, Marina Square

This time round with my folks and siblings.


Soup of the day - Celeriac soup with smoked salmon and spinach. Need to make a memo of how celerac tastes exactly like celery. Flinch.


Truffle Mushroom (Supersize Me) Sandwich. No nonsense, big on flavour.

Kith's Super salad this time round with smoked salmon 'cos me loves smoked salmon.

An awesome crab & avocada pizza with tomato salsa. Didn't think it would work but it did and I like being proven wrong on such accounts. 

Kith allows you to make half-and-half pizzas if you are feeling indecisive. Braised pork loin and smoked duck played partners this time round; the smoked duck is such a winner.

Although I did enjoy the rich bittersweetness of the matcha choclate cake, cakes are not a strong suit at Kith. Cookies, on the other hand, are a different story. That peanut butter cookie (like their chocolate cookies) was moreish.

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