Monday, November 28

Ninja Cut, Seah Street

Crackling pork belly, pickled beetroot,
sauteed mushrooms, onsen egg, and miso cucumbers 

Char Siew Peekaboo 
Cha Shu Pork Roulade, edamame, asparagus, honey-glazed carrots,
pickled beetroot and with an Onsen egg

What's Your Beef?
Slow-roasted Australian ribeye slow, grilled corn,
sauteed mushrooms, honey-glazed carrots, furikake and an onsen egg

The Cheeky Cheese
24 hr braised Japanese curry beef cheek,
grilled cheese brioche sandwich 

Roasted Cauliflower

Meal in a bowl. Ang moh chai peng. It's not for everyone (read: hipster) but I thought the bowls are pretty good. Filling but not overtly so. The only thing I didn't like was their choice of soba, which tasted more like somen.

When you make a reservation through Chope, you get a complimentary slice of cake. I chose the tea cake, which was intensely aromatic and sweet.

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