Friday, November 11

kith cafe, Marina Square

Following the closure of Park Mall, Kith opens their newest outlet at Marina Square, a cookie's throw away from their Millenia Walk outlet.This outlet carries their signature sunny cheery decor, with an additional childrens' play area. Regulars would find their menu familiar, though this outlet specializes in thin-crusted pizza.

We didn't get too adventurous with our food choices - KW and I had their Super Salad with chicken and Beef Burger again. From the pizza menu, the duck pizza that we originally ordered for the kids and ate half of was really good.

My in-laws' sandwiches - Tuna Melt & Truffle Mushroom - were generous and satisfying. I didn't take any pictures of their food though I somewhat regret not capturing the grandeur of those stately sandwiches.


We shared a modest Caramel Pecan Bar that was quite bang for buck if you consider how much a pack of pecans costs in the supermarkets. It did feel like something was missing - a scoop of ice cream would have been perfect.

A winning factor was the childrens' play area, which kept the munckins entertained. Kid-friendly and hearty portions mean we will be back.

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