Wednesday, November 9

Hoshino Coffee, Capitol Piazza

To be fair, the food at Hoshino Coffee isn't bad. It is at best generic and at worst forgettable... Kinda of like that "nice" person you met at a random networking event. Pleasant, harmless but in desperate need of some personality.

Between us, we had the “Omu Rice” & Angus Beef Steak Plate with Salad (tasty but the steak portion was rather paltry), Hoshino pasta (also tasty), tonkatu sandwich (ditto tasty) and Lobster Bisque pasta (only dish I wouldn't recommend). For dessert, a double soufflé pancake with topped with marron squiggles made me shimmy within.


Anonymous said...

The star at hoshino is its French toast. I enjoy the katsu sandwich which is piping hot too.

yixiao said...

Thanks for highlighting :) Katsu sandwich FTW!