Monday, November 7

Seconds at Mahota Kitchen

Hola! Over the weekend, we were back at Mahota Kitchen and this time round, with the rest of my family. It was great that my parents who are usually quite picky about places to eat enjoyed their maiden visit – my dad even made his rounds at the supermarket before lunch and scooped up some organic kiwis at a great price.

We started out with some bread and dips – pesto, roasted tomato and olive oil. The bread is slightly dry but I suspect the lack of preservatives causes it to be less fluffy than your usual loaf.

My dad’s organic rib eye steak, a very pretty plate. My mum and elder sister ordered hotpots that look similar to what we had the last time round.

My younger sister ordered one of Mahota's signature dishes - homemade spinach tagliatelle with pork and mushroom Bolognese, poached egg and truffle oil. She enjoyed it though the truffle oil was hardly discernible.

The kids had the mozzerella baked rice, which came with a side salad and yogurt ice cream. I finished a good part of the rice. #mumoccupationalhazards

KW’s deep sea ocean pizza – good but he preferred the mushroom medley that we had the last time round.

I wholeheartedly enjoyed my organic roast beef salad, a smorgasboard of lotus root chips, roasted beets, peppers, quinoa and apricots. Organic and grass fed from pastures completely free of any chemical inputs. Oh yeah!

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