Monday, August 22

Weekend Outdoor Play x Baker & Cook

We had a play date with our friends and their little ones. I love taking the kids out for outdoor play but it gets unbearably hot after 9am and not to mention, I really hate being out under the sun. But this was nice - experiencing the sun and sand with ALOT OF SHADE!

But first, breakfast at Baker & Cook. A bacon and mushroom tart, smoked salmon quiche, scrambled eggs and toast, plus two coffees because mama and papa need all the sustenance they can get to keep up with the boys.

Russell enjoyed the bacon and mushroom tart, Lucas polished off the scrambled eggs, so yes, we can come back again. I also had serious food envy when I saw our friend tuck into her egg mayo tartines. Egg mayo tartine ... you be mine soon. 

On Sunday night, we channelled our not commonly known artsy-fartsy side and made our way to the Singapore Night Festival. Pretty remarkable. Good to know our tiny red dot isn't all about malls and hawker food.

Quite surreal to see a Booksactually books vending machine at the National Museum. What a great idea! If you have time to catch Pokemon, you definitely have time to read 💪🏻 #noexcuses

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anna said...

I like the recipe Looking so refreshing!