Monday, August 29

Koh Grill & Sushi Bar x Punggol Waterway Park

One bright not-too-hazy morning, we took the kids to a less-ventured (well, to us) part of town - Punggol Waterway Park for much outdoor fun. The manmade natural development was a refreshing change from our usual pace of life, and for those who need their dose of a mall, don't worry, Punggol Waterway Point is a stone's throw away. 

Early morning rigorous activity calls for fuel fast and we had our weekly dose of Japanese at Koh Grill & Sushi Bar. Koh Grill & Sushi Bar has been around and clearly still popular among the masses, despite online reviews that standards have dropped blah blah. Clearly, I fall into another category of customers and I thought the food was pleasing in a somewhat low-brow bastardised kind of way. That said, the kitchen service is s-l-o-w; our last dish (a maki) only arrived after 40 mins of us placing our order. So be patient, partake in humanly conversation and enjoy the grub you are about to receive. 

Since our last visit which was eons ago, they now have a tendon which is ridiculously yummy and value-for-money. Two shrimps, an eggplant, pumpkin, seaweed and onsen egg (!!!)  all for $10.Tempura onsen egg?!  Human meets egg, human is happy. 

Also paraded shamelessly on the new menu is their aburi chirashi. Though not quite as bountiful as The Sushi Bar's, it is also less expensive but perhaps more satisfying thanks to the aburi mentiko-mayo sauce. It's like walking into Zara and seeing an inspired-piece from your favourite designer. Score!

A couple of aburi engawa (flounder) sushi earned its keep in our gut. Plenty delicious. 

One of the more decadent items is the Foie Gras Maki, wrapped with either aburi swordfish or beef. We had it with the beef which was too thinly sliced and as a result, overdone under the wrath of the blowtorch. Interesting but not as shiok as the other makis. Worth a try once though. 

And of course, we had to order the Shiok maki, which was heavily slathered in shiok sauce. This probably won't earn any Michelin stars but it keeps the customers coming and the tills ringing.  


Anonymous said...

Is the queue at Koh Grill & Sushi Bar still as long since it seems to have "dipped" in standards? I've always wanted to try but really couldn't be bothered to jostle with those instagramming youths especially when I have an impatient tyke with me.

yixiao said...

Hello, I don't think they have dipped in standards. The queue is long but you can make reservations (sms +65 91803805). However, the food service is quite slow. I have two restless boys too, so I suggest entertaining little tyke by reading to hm or pacing him with the food (not a believer of IPads and phones).

Good article:

Anonymous said...

Thanks I've never tried it before that's why I was hoping that the nitizen's view of a dip in standards could shorten the queue and I can finally try it. High five to not using technology at meal times!

yixiao said...

High five!