Friday, August 5

Teppei Syokudo, ION Orchard

Keeping in line with my birthday barachirashi theme, I visited Teppei Syokudo at ION Orchard on my actual birthday. When it comes to barachraishi, the name "Teppei" can't be left out of the conversation and for good reason too.

Feeling greedy, I also got a shrimp katsu, which provided a good break in textures but isn't exactly worth travelling down all the way for.

The barachraishis, on the other hand, were superb! Bearing in mind this is my first visit, I would expect Laws of Diminishing Returns to set up after multiple visits. Both of us picked the Medium size that gave us an options of 4 fishes; while I went for 2 portions of salmon, swordfish and baby scallops, KW opted for for salmon, yellowtail, swordfish and baby scallop. On hindsight, I probably won't pick the baby scallops again - they didn't do much for me. The fresh chunky marinated sashimi proved to be extremely satisfying and I was woozy-high after ingesting all that salmon. 

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