Monday, August 8

Zion Riverside Food Centre

A dear ex-collegue's farewell lunch took us to Zion Riverside Food Centre as prawn mee is one of his favourite local food. I haven't been to Zion Riverside Food Centre in a long while and it is one of my favourite hawkers centres. 

We shared a tableload of goodies, including braised duck, deliciously crisp white carrot cake (stall 26), Teochew Char Kway Teow (stall 20) and Sichuan dumplings, rounding the meal up with a much-needed ice cheng teng. 

This Teochew Char Kway Teow is such a revelation! People queue up for stall 18's char kway teow, but I know which stall I would come back to next. The friendly uncle even reminded me to add more pork lard; "沒有油的” he claims =)

Don't worry, the dried chili concoction is not as fiery as it looks. The crispy crunch of the dried chilies provided savoury textural contrast to the silky dumplings. Yums!

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