Wednesday, July 13

Russell's birthday

Last weekend we celebrated Russell's birthday with a small 'do with our family and friends.
Post-Nara, the Firstborn wholeheartedly embraced the idea of a deer-themed affair, which I was more than happy to oblige. I recently discovered the joys of Carousell and ordered some decorations from there; a dramatic green showpiece took center stage and we were ready to go.

Clowning around with a new app before the party

 Mexican Caesar Salad

Bulgogi Beef Nachos + Salsa

Bulgogi Beef Nachos - Up close and personal 

Clams Carbonara

Sausages - Bangers, Chorizo, Cheddar Links

Grilled Sweet Barbecue Chicken -
So good, thanks to Cold Storage! 

More cheesing around... 

A successful family photo in under 3 takes

A scrumptious Strawberry Hill from Patisserie Glace fulfilled his clearly-inherited love for strawberry cakes

Hello deer!

What made this occasion extra memorable was the fact that Russell actually enjoyed his birthday party. Our friends will never forget how he burst into frightened tears when we sang 'Happy Birthday' at his first birthday, so they were all surprised by how chatty and energetic he was this entire time.  Good times indeed. 


Yuu said...

Happy birthday to Russell:) Such a lovely family:)

yixiao said...

Thank you Yuu!