Monday, July 18

Dulcet Studio, Paragon

After family lunch at Tampopo, we made our way to Calamansi at Paragon. Instead of their healthy wholesome juices, we ordered a few desserts to share. 

The chocolate raspberry roll was surprisingly delightful. The tanginess of raspberries cut through the rich decadence of chocolate sufficiently, without clamouring for more attention. 

We had a couple of eclairs, the Vanilla and Venezuela. I should just admit I am not into eclairs. I can appreciate the work gone into making them but taste-wise, they were quite middling. 

The Mont Blanc is a favourite among the family. They have a full-sized version which makes me wonder if I should get it for my birthday... Hmm!

If you are a matcha fied, you should't miss out on the  Matcha Cream Puff. Available for a selected period only, the Matcha Cream Puff was simply delectable! Though hardly photogenic compared to the other fruit-crowned cakes, a thinnish choux pastry breaks open to reveal an intense rich and unapologetically oozy matcha pastry cream. We should have definitely ordered more than one. 

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