Wednesday, July 27

Birthday xoxo

Happy shoes, happy feet 

A much-deserved day off for the both of us


OMG the sheer awkwardness of taking an #OOTD outfit in broad daylight
Just kill me now

Toilet Shot HA

Keeping in theme with birthday barachirahi theme 

Art-jamming at Arteastiq
--> their Roasted Hazelnut Hot Chocolate was decadent 

My art-jamming piece - "Seek and You Shall Find" 
Tiny easily-missed elements can be found throughout the painting, 
akin to those moments of life that we forget to treasure

Thank you for being such a good sport... This is perfect for the boys' room

Tea time at home - Fruit cake and coffee
Finally found a pleasing mug after I broke my usual one ... Good mugs are not easy to find


Beautiful design + quotes from kikki k
Got this as a gift but I want one for myself


Childhood favourite - Rong Chen Bak Kut Teh with my boys xoxo 

Glorious day, my heart feels full 

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Magdalene said...

Love reading your blog and seeing your cute kids as well as those foodie shots, hehe. May i ask where's your top from?