Monday, June 6

Gai Yang, Thai Grilled Chicken

Recently I made Gai Yang, Thai grilled chicken for a potluck and it scored major nom points. It was based off this awesome recipe from RecipeTin Eats, abut I left out the red chilis to make it kid-friendly. Although flavourful on its own, I brought along homemade chinchalok mayonnaise (for those who like it spicy) and "Redeye" coffee mayonnaise (for those who like er, anything with coffee) for our lunch companions.


Anonymous said...

I'm so inspired by your post to try this over the weekend. Can you teach me how to make the chinchalok mayo? I've tried it at CreatureS cafe but never got round to dissect it to try making it at home. Thank you!

yixiao said...

I mixed around 1/3 cup kewpie mayo with 1 tsp of chinchalok. It's an "eyeball" recipe haha! And you can adjust the spiciness accordingly :) Try the recipe! It's goooood :)

Anonymous said...

Okie! Will do. Thanks for replying!