Friday, May 27

More from Chalk Farm, Paragon

Sometimes it feels like desserts are the highlight of our family Sunday lunches. Chalk Farm has amassed quite a fellowship obsessed with their tall sponge classics done right. We had a trio of cakes from Chalk Farm at Paragon at my sister's request.

The Kueh Salat, a clear tribute to my mum, would please kebaya-clad traditionalists. For me though, my threshold is the size of a Bengawan Solo slice so this definitely needs more hands on deck.

The Baileys Chocolate Cake has me conflicted. #firstworldproblems A generous load of Baileys pastry cream encased within a bittersweet dark chocolate slice. The taste I get, but the composition I did not get. Why was there such an overwhelming amount of Baileys pastry cream just stuffed within the cake?

My favourite of the lot was the Hazelnut Cake because I could eat a tub of Nutella by myself. Two sponge layers smmmmeeeared (yes, you have to pronounce it this way) with Nutella-like gianduia frosting and topped with caramelized whole hazelnuts. Sponge, frosting and crunch... This is a crowd pleaser unless you have a nut-allergy.

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