Wednesday, May 25

Ikyu, Yong Siak Street

Lunch at Ikyu to satisfy a barashirashi craving. I can't quite put my finger on why, but the experience was pretty meh, despite great service and commendable sushi and barachirashi. FYI the wait staff seemed genuinely interested in our kids and went out of their way to befriend them. I highly suspect it was the dim lighting that made for a draining experience. Weird huh?

From the lunch sets, the nigiri sushi KW had boasted different aburi-ed fishes, molded to perfection. I can imagine an omakase session here might be payday worthy.

My suitably satisfying barashirashi boosted a myriad of chopped fish, dusted with bonito flakes. Sorry I can't recall or distinct the fish used but rest assure, it wasn't down run-of-the-mill cuts.

For the sets, we were delightfully surprised by the appetizer - beef and potato curry croquettes still warm from the deep fryer. However, the desserts - matcha ice cream and watermelon balls - were uninspiring and dull.

Likewise, the nabeyaki udon was pretty insipid, and the chicken karagee batter-thick and clumsy. Clearly, cooked food is not their forte.

I wish I had better things to say about Ikyu, maybe you have better luck with their omakase.

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