Tuesday, May 10

kith, Millenia Walk

kith at Millenia Walk is the group's latest baby and we popped by one Sunday lunch. Its is a warm, sunny and happy placethe service is great, and the food is above average. I have pretty low expectations for cafe food so I am just glad what they serve here is a lot better than the outlet at Sentosa Cove (ugh, hard to forget that chicken breast). The family ordered a bunch of stuff but I only took pictures of food I ate/shared (side note: I really don't get why people take pictures of food they don't eat).

I had a super hearty Super Salad with quinoa, greens, sun-dried tomatoes, cucumbers and a hunk of chicken leg. I loved how healthy and satisfying it was. 

Never one to pass up on a good burger, KW ordered the Wagyu Beef Burger that had good meat on them buns. I only noticed later on that didn't come with fries, and that is also one of the reasons why PS Cafe's Brunch Burger still tops it.

The Carbonara that we ordered for the kids was excellent. The adults partook in it with great enthusiasm. Nom Nom. We were tempted to get another plate but desserts warranted some space in our stomachs. 

These chunky Sea Salt Chocolate Cookie went straight for my heart. Dark and decadent, the bastard child of cookies and chocolate truffles (sorry, still riding on the latest season of Game of Thrones). 

Despite my love for all things coffee, the Kith Espresso Jelly is not something I would typically order. Perhaps the consistency of jelly is not something I can get on board with. This dessert was quite special though; the intermingle of gula melaka, coconut cream and espresso jelly made for a unique blend. 

My sister was quite pleased that she managed to reserve a slice of Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake - apparently it is one of their signature cakes. Well, I thought it was was quite disappointing.The brownies were dry and the buttercream was mono-uno-dimensional. 

The matcha chocolate cake on the other hand was spot on. Ever since our Japan trip, I feel like I have re-gained my love for all things matcha. The bittersweet sheets of matcha sponge, mousse and chocolate ganache made for a deeply layered slice. 

kith at Millennia Walk is a pretty cool place to swing by. There's lots of seating, lots of warmth, just bring an empty stomach and order that Carbonara pronto. 

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SnowFrog said...

Looks very good & yummy !!! thanks:)