Thursday, May 12

Bakes by Better Butter

A couple of weeks ago, Eve from Better Butter (Facebook and Instagram) reached out to me and asked if I would like to try some baked goodies. I normally turn down restaurant invites and tastings, but I have a soft spot for small time business owners slash home bakers. I also don't mind sharing the love, especially when they come in 2x2, topped with toasted marshmallows.

I was gifted threeitems - Smores, Lemon Bars and Pretzel Peanut Butter. Perfect timing as I had a potluck to attend and I thought these treats would make a great contribution. Work has been depressing crazy these days so not having to worry about preparing a dish was a lifesaver.

The Smores were a unanimous crowd favourite! Chewy brownies topped with torched marshmallows. Nuke them for 30 seconds for full effect.

Lemon bars were somewhat clumsy. I liked the lemony flavour but the layers between streusel topping, lemon curd and cookie base was indiscernible. One friend found the lemon flavour lacking, while another thought it was just right. Different strokes for different folks.

Eve mentioned Pretzel Peanut Butter were a treat for kids and she was right. Russell ate three in a go. Now, I normally don't let the kids take too much sugar but these were a rare treat. Anything homemade calls for seconds - and thirds :)

What I learnt from Eve is the end goal of Better Butter is to create a name, so that she can start supplying bakes to old folks homes and orphanages, so that those who are not as fortunate can enjoy the little treats in life too. Serious ambitious for someone who is wise beyond her years. In the midst of chasing down cheese tarts and salted egg croissants, I do hope we all find time to support the little guys such as Better Butter.

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