Monday, March 14

The weekend we discussed politics over a rack of ribs

These days it just feels like I'm swimming laps on the weekdays, only pausing for a breath or two during the weekends. Maybe that's why I hold onto my weekends as if it were a jewel-crusted chalice.

Over the weekend, a few friends popped by with their little young ones. The kids played and ran amok (our place looked like a war zone after that, thanks to 2 tenacious 3.5 year olds), while the adults ate and er, ate. We don't have a huge circle of Facebook friends but we are always grateful for those we have. And we like to make food for them. Plus anyone who can entertain the kids for a couple of hours is always welcomed in my home!

The highlight of the meal was most definitely KW's rack of ribs. The kicker was a 48-hr brine, and delectably kecap-manis sauce that was torched and caramelized just before serving. I think these were definitely the best ribs KW made so far.

Caesar salad with rotisserie chicken, cranberry, edamame and toasted almonds 

 Pasta salad with cherry tomatoes and garlic & chive cream cheese

I made two ridiculously simple salads. And by ridiculous, it means if I were to type out the recipes, it would also include "Make a trip to the supermarket... And try not to stock up on chips." But they were perfect. Perfect for the sunny humid day. Perfect for the kids. Perfect with the ribs.

And there was cake and ice cream. Lots of ice cream, thank you very much.

A wonderful afternoon spent in the company of friends, beer, and arguably dismal state of American politics.


Bern said...

holy crap, those ribs!! *drools* can i send my husband over to apprentice with u?????

yixiao said...

haha alot of patience required!

Anonymous said...

hi! the ribs look really delicious. would you be so kind as to share the recipe?