Wednesday, March 9

Choo Choo Chicken, Cineleisure (Deliveroo)

Happy Hump Day... Here are some pictures of Korean Fried Chicken to get you through the day. 

For our friend's potluck party,  we ordered a bunch of wings and drumlets from Choo Choo Chicken. They were demolished in 15 mins f-l-a-t and we ordered two more batches after modesty gave into gluttony. Two more batches! I like my friends.

Still crispy and juicy upon arrival, I personally loved the spicy and garlic flavour. I think the feeling of eating from the comfort of home (meaning you can just veg out after pigging out) is also hard to beat. 

The Deliveroo delivery was punctual the first time round but 15 mins late the second time round, so they provided a $15 discount for the next order. 

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