Monday, March 7

Sushi Tei, Raffles City

I'm awful at trying out new restaurant these days... My mind says, Try something new! Live dangerously, while my heart goes, Wakame Salad with Sesame Dressing. If you are a regular, you probably recognize that dish from Sushi Tei.

There's definitely a strong correlation with the hecticness of work and my biological need for Japanese food.

Finding the omm...

Speaking of omy, a double serving of salmon belly sashimi is always good. Good for the marriage.

Our Firstborn guzzles noodles with a vengeance. The ramen isn't stellar but it is decent and it keeps us sane.

Well least I tried something new this time round - Salmon Mentaiyaki. And it was really good. Partly because I love grilled mentaiko sauce and partly because they nailed the timing perfectly. Moist, flaky and irreproachably satisfying.

Let's be honest, when I find something the kids can partake in, it kills many freakin' birds with 1 stone and I don't have to rack my brains thinking of what to order for the little ones.

Back to the omm, yo!

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