Monday, January 11

PasarBella, Suntec Tower 1

We had dinner at PasarBella over the weekend and the first thought that came to my mind was, It's alot smaller than expected. The decor is loud and brassy, and you might have a hard time hearing your date/family/friends/irritating colleagues over the loud music. Given the atmosphere, it feels like a multi-player nacho libre ring fight for customers among the players there. Let the games begin! Oh wait, wrong movie. 

Porsena Deli's Smoked Beef Brisket was my favourite bite that evening. Ridiculously tender pastrami slices, nestled against preserved cabbage, jack cheddar cheese and a dill pickle, barely held together by two very good slices of sourdough.

Really good, so here's another picture!

We also had a fish box from Cajun On Wheels, fish chunks slathered in Cajun cheesy sauce, with corn and sweet potato fries. The fried fish chunks turned out really mushy, which I am quite sorry to say, was perfect for Lucas. Though the fish was lacklustre, the sides were at least decent. Buttered cn and sweet potato fries - they won't let you down.

I also got a Seared Salmon Roll from Rollie Ollie. Predictably satisfying and what a mouthful! While I really liked how tubby-like the rolls were, it was incredibly difficult to get it all in one mouthful. You can only imagine how uncivilised I looked and I don't have a small mouth, mind you. 

By the way, I accidentally googled "Rollie Pollie," don't do that unless you have the stomach for bugs. Creepy, icky bugs.

Tubby sees, Tubby gets. 

Any shot of him not hiding is a success. 

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