Monday, January 4

Lucas' first birthday

I am finally one! 

Over the first weekend of 2016, we celebrated Lucas' first birthday by inviting our family and friends over for a small fete. It's quite surreal when your little one turns one (even when it is the second child) and the presents! Oh goodness. KW and I were blown away by the generosity of our family and friends. However present aside, we are just lucky to be able to spend this special occasion with people who matter. 

The theme was loosely based on that of a village fete. We didn't go over the top with decorations, and recycling garlands is how I do my part for the environment. I must say, balloons never fail to perk me up - and Lucas loves them too. These balloons are going to keep him entertained for the next week or so.

We had a bunch of stuff, but my heart went out to the truffle mac & cheese and KW's 10-hr smoked beef brisket. Clearly, healthy eating is not one of our New Year resolutions. 

Instead of ordering a cake, I decided to make a cake, which might have been the best or stupidest decision ever made. After making last minute emergency trips to the supermarket and going through the nerve-wrecking process of handling 4 delicate layers plus finicky frosting, we succeeded in making Lucas' first birthday cake! Naked Funetti cake with brown butter frosting topped with Garrett popcorn. Not pretty but very yummy. Best part was the dude didn't burst into tears when the gang sang his birthday song (unlike his elder brother). 


Yuu said...

So fun! Happy Birthday Lucas! One-derful!

yixiao said...

thank you, you!

Anonymous said...

I love the village fete theme that you came up with! Could you please share with me where you got them balloons, buntings and all the cute party supplies as there are just way too many party supply vendors out there! Who better to ask than someone with such great taste to get the best selection? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

The mac&cheese looks yum! Could you please share the recipe?

Thank you!

yixiao said...

Much apologies for the late reply!

I bought the village fete supplies from groupon haha but yo can try this link