Monday, December 14

2000 posts and counting

The other day, I saw my blog meter and thought to myself, Whoa, 1995 posts. We have come a long way, haven't we? Once a food blog, though this blog is not as cool or up-to-trend as other food blogs out there, 80% of the content is still very much gut-driven (a big thank you to our friends who allow us to feed you!).

As you might know, these days I write for my family, in the hopes of passing on these memories to my boys. Our vacations, cook-outs and memorable occasions made special by the people we surround ourselves with.

The "Rucas" - Russell and Lucas 

I feel incredibly contented. There are many people who are luckier, richer and smarter than me, but I have all that I need, including a clean and comfortable bed to sleep on. Life is truly a sum of experiences and I am really glad I realised this sooner rather than later.

I hope to always remember this feeling of gratitude. To many more days of us.

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