Tuesday, November 17

Tokyo Disneyland

Three observations about Disneyland:

1. It is the Japanese, who make Disneyland wonderful. Sure, the theme park was crowded but never did it feel like we were being shoved around. People queue up to take pictures with a statue... Amazing civic-mindedness!

2. The creepiest place in Disneyland is not the Haunted Mansion but It is a Small World. Sweet dreams, my friend.

3. Accept the fact that your kids will be on a white diet i.e., pasta, sugar, bread and fries. Breathe... and take cover.

Just three dudes, chilling by Cinderella's castle having hotdogs 

The parade - cartoon characters on steroids

Behold - a smoked turkey leg

Not all were impressed 

My daily snack - Tiramisu ice cream


sara said...

Vacation with family makes really awesome fun great food in the pictures

yixiao said...

yes i so agree =)