Monday, November 16

Tokyo 2015 // Memories

And we are back! Well, we have been back for two days but I felt like I really needed the time to recover from our "family vacation." The trip was awesome! It is probably the third of fourth time KW and I have been to Tokyo together but this is the first time we brought two kids along, and it was a refreshing change from our usual pace and itinerary. Of course it wasn't easy at times, but we survived. And we returned with a bittersweet feeling, a reluctance to return to reality.

Up since 4am with an early flight to catch 

Palmier, fruits, yogurt parfait and a ham & cheese croissant. Thank goodness for the sugary, buttery breakfast at Paul as the inflight meal on United was pretty sad. 

Lucas looks perplexed

And then he discovers croissant

And we are off!

The whole purpose of the trip was to take the kids to Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea so we stayed at Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay. 

It was a really nice hotel, very kid-friendly and convenient. They had a indoor swimming pool, games arcade and even a mini golf course. We didn't use the swimming pool or the arcade, but numbers-crazy Russell stumped me with, "Why are there only 18 numbers at the gold course?" 

I deflected the question to my dad. Thanks dad!

We had a view of Cinderella's castle and was lucky enough to catch fireworks every night. Well, that ended up being our 8:30pm call to tuck the kids into bed. 

The kids love an pan, as demonstrated by their facial expressions

The hotel was near Ikspiari, a mall that exceeded my expectations with its lovely shops. It also became our haven for the depachika dinners that we so love.  

Oh, I had a kale and pineapple juice. It didn't make me throw up. In fact, it was really good. 

A taiyaki pitstop at Asakusa

With red bean and chestnuts. I love visiting Japan at the time of the year as it autumn is chestnut season. 

Russell meets his first love (first human love, after numbers). Oh you should have the seen the 2! Adorable... They played together, despite not knowing what each other was saying! 

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