Wednesday, September 23

Double Scoops, Ang Mo Kio

First of all, the name is brilliant. With a name like that, many would be psychologically swayed to order two, instead of one, scoops. Here, take my money...  Secondly, it's a 5-minute drive from home. Here, just take my wallet... Thirdly, they make a mean waffle. Here, take my wallet and the weighing scale... 

Hipster enough for you?

We had a double scoop (Thai Milk Tea and Rum & Raisin); I enjoyed both, but our favourite of the two was Thai Milk Tea. I think my mind would be blown if they had a Vietnamese Coffee flavour.  #prettyprettyplease

Let's talk about their waffle because it is worth another 20 seconds of your life. It is crisper than usual. Yessss... When I saw the burnished brown, my inner critic went, "Check." Yup, none of that anaemic almost-there-but-not nonsense. I truly dislike the doughiness of undercooked waffles. I mean, Why?! Is it that difficult to leave the waffle alone for just 20 more seconds? Go read a book, yo.

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