Monday, September 7

Myra's, Fort Canning Arts Centre

A couple of week's ago, we wanted to have dinner at Myra's Beach Club, but we severely underestimated the popularity of East Coast Park and left the area frustrated with the lack of parking. Turns out Myra's has a few outlets around the island, and we decided to check out their newest branch at Fort Canning Arts Centre. This was by far a superior idea as we thoroughly enjoyed our visit this time round. 

Myra's speclialises in Mexian and North Indian cuisine; we were in the mood for Mexican so it turned out to be a thoroughly hands-on experience. 

It was a no brainer to get their Nacho Supremo. We are a family of nacho nomsters so bring on the nachos! To be honest, the resonation wasn't "Supremo" impressive but I loved the tender chunks of beef and thinish nacho chips.

KW told me this is the kind of chips he used to have a lot of back when he was working in the States. Seriously, Mexican food is all I hear him talk about when he reminisces about his work back then. Go figure.

A quesadilla benefits greatly from a good char so we were really happy the kitchen kept these babies on the burner for a minute or two longer.

A main course here would easily veer into the $20-ish region but they justify it with respectable cuts of meat that are well-seasoned and super tender. None of that questionable mystery meat nonsense.

The guacamole was unlike any other dip we had ever tried. It was accompanied by grilled beef and served in a stone bowl. Once again, the nacho chips proved hard to resist.

I thought the food was pretty good but I especially loved the convivial yet polished ambience of the restaurant. Compared to the East Coast outlet, I loved the central yet serene location of this location - there is a certain charm about the stillness of the area. A walk around Fort Canning Park after a nacho-filled dinner didn't hurt either.

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