Wednesday, September 9

Munch SaladSmith, Telok Ayer Street

So we have finally made the big move to Raffles Place and LET ME TELL YOU (though I half-suspect you know what I about to reveal) LUNCH HOUR IS CRAZZYNESS!

Seriously, it is like the Great Migration meets Mad Max: Fury Road without the breathtaking cinematography. In fact, for the sake of sanity, it is most definitely a good idea leave the office at 11.30am.

Of course that can't be done all the time and one day, I found myself in the chaos of the food court. Out of all the stores, Munch SaladSmith was the only one without a 15-min queue. For a place that prides itself for salads, most of their salads looked pretty sad and I was about to walk away when their Thai Salad caught my eye.

I ended up getting a Roasted Chicken Leg and Thai green papaya & carrots salad. I know it doesn't look like much, especially given the way it is packed but for $8.50, you could do a lot worst. Definitely a healthy option when I find myself strapped for time.

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Bern said...

you'll get used to the madness. after a while, u won't even notice the crowds anymore. :)