Monday, September 21

Kith Cafe, Sentosa Cove

Let's set the record straight: Kith doesn't set out to win any awards for the most groundbreaking cafe nosh and we probably wouldn't drive all the way out there specially for a meal. What it does offer, however, is a slice of the Cove life without a District 04 price tag. We had a good time - a 2-hour respite from the real world aka Mainland Singapore.

Take the Calamari for instance. At $16 a plate, this familiar favourite doesn't come cheap. Then again, we are on Sentosa Cove so I should be thankful the dish was bigger than the size of my son's face. Thankfully, it hits the right notes of being fresh and toothsome, with a light coating of sin.

Again, I wasn't expecting much from the Fish & Chips, which came with 2 sizeable pieces of breaded sea bass, truffle fries, and citrus mayo. I found the sea bass rather dry and would have favoured a fattier fish such as cod, but KW liked this rendition.

With Russell around, we had to order a pasta dish and I'm glad KW ordered the Penne Chicken Avocado as it wouldn't have been my first choice. I haven't forgiven the kitchen for using chicken breast (really, do we have to go there?) but the sauce was delectably creamy.

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