Monday, July 20

The weekend we realised the awesomeness of oven fried chicken

For a couple of introverts, KW and I are fortunate to have a small but tight bunch of friends. We had KW's primary school friends over for lunch last Saturday and we prepared a simple meal - well, when I feel the need to impress someone, I would likely not be bothered to invite them over to begin with.

We cracked open a tin of foie gras and some blue cheese, I made beetroot pesto, and we mopped them up with chips and toasted batard. No pictures as I couldn't get my hand out of the chips bag long enough to hold the phone.

For mains, we went to town with oven fried chicken. Some of us threw caution to the wind (and medical advice) and made it a 3-piece meal. If there's anything I've learnt before hitting 30 (ahem, from the kitchen perspective), it is brine brine brine. Oh yeah, and live a little - make it a 3-piece meal.

Desserts materialized in the form of pastries from Ciel Patisserie, generously brought by Vernon and Yiling, which I'll save for another post.

It was a gathering that stretched close to 5 hours long, but I am happy to have these guys over again in a heartbeat.

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