Monday, July 13

The weekend Russell turned 3

Russell turned 3 on Friday and we had a simple dinner with both sides of the family.

When people say, "He's 3? Wow, that fast!"

I feel like replying, "Er, it has been one loooong journey."  

The Firstborn is a threenager so he's not into birthdays. In fact, he loathes the idea of a party and a meltdown was only mitigated when I told him his birthday cake had strawberries. Hence, there weren't many human photos to speak of but we will remember his impish ways.

We got a supremely cute cake from the ever dependable Patisserie Glace. Patisserie Glace hardly disappoints and this Strawberry Mille Feuille was delightfully light yet scrumptious. The rest of the weekend was spending doing the usual family stuff and playing with his significantly low tech presents. 

At this moment though, I'm pretty thankful I've a healthy, curious child who loves just about anything and everything related to numbers.

To many more days of us.

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