Friday, July 10

Gastrosmiths, Beach Road / Tan Quee Lan Street

In all honesty, I have always wanted to visit Gastrosmiths but it was a Groupon voucher that provided the impetus. I know what you must be thinking, Huh, Groupon, this either means they aren't doing well or the food is not that great or worse, BOTH. I hear you. Truth is, because it was a Groupon offering, my expectations were well-checked; but because of that, our expectations  - and minds - were literally blown. 

The restaurant is a tight little chubby hole that sits less than 20 so do make reservations unless you don't mind the heat. Apart from an eye-catching mural, the restaurant is modestly decorated though I will say the fake flowers didn't inspire much confidence.

On the menu, I spied a 1.2kg US Angus Prime Rib that feeds 3-4 hungry people and knowing that my in-laws would be game for steak, we placed an order for it as it takes 30-40 minutes to be served. 

We went easy on the starters, kicking off with a Truffle Chopped Eggs Bruschetta which bore heady aroma of truffle folded into creamy egg mayonnaise. That could easily have been truffle oil but I could down another because I'm no truffle snob and an egg mayo fiend; however, the bruschetta was letdown by the toast that feels somewhat cheapish.

The salad was forgettable (see I don't even remember which salad we ordered), but it was appreciated by my MIL who needed greens on the side.

Since Russell, our resident pasta guzzler, was with us, we ordered their Creimini Mushroom Linguine. This, my friends, was incredible!

Al dente pasta intermingled with a rich, intoxicating sauce, and topped with meaty mushrooms and shaved parmesan. I am on a mission to figure out how to make this pasta because it is so darn good!

Despite our server warning us that our Prime Rib was going to be extremely filling, we threw caution to the win and ended up ordering a second plate as soon as we polished off the first. We hardly ever order seconds so this says alot! Please excuse the excessive us of exclamation marks.

Before I launch into a ballad on the Prime Rib, lets take a moment to admire the ridiculously buttery mashed potatoes. Beneath all that butter, butter and butter, I am pretty sure there is potato in there somewhere. I think. It was the perfect wingman to the awesomeness below.

Oh lordy lordy heavenly beef!

This was definitely something we weren't expecting. We would have been satisfied with something decent but this Prime Rib simply takes the (beef)cake for surpassing our expectations.

Great char and crust, marched with a perfect shade of (medium rare) pink. Glorious beefiness, good enough to put many steakhouses to shame. A shower of greens and mustard seeds completed the picture.

I was initially slightly disappointed when KW decided against the usual suspects - Hokubee Ribeye Don and Fried Cod Mee Sua - but after this visit, I highly recommend you do the same. In an industry fraught with hype and trends, I hope Gastrosmiths gets more recognition for what they do, as it is a restaurant I'm definitely rooting for.


Anonymous said...

kindly share how much was the steak and pasta each thanks

yixiao said...

The 1.2kg steak was around $155 and the pasta around $22, if my memory serves me right. For prices, you can check out their website ;)

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing. Appreciate it.

yixiao said...

Hope you enjoy your meal!