Wednesday, May 20

Da Paolo's Chocolate Peanut Butter Chunk

Chocolate and peanut butter are two of my favourite things in the world but somehow chocolate peanut butter desserts always fall short of expectations. The result is usually a dessert that doesn't deliver on both fronts and I'm left wondering if I were better off with a Snickers bar.

It's a good thing I was introduced to Da Paolo's Chocolate Peanut Butter Chunk before I gave up on chocolate peanut butter desserts. The dessert in their signature tupperware looks benign but it is certainly not a dessert you would mess around with; in fact, without getting it warmed up, you could hardly pierce your fork through it.

The treat is a lofty structure, comprising of a fudgey brownie bottom, crispy peanut butter wafer bits, caramel peanuts and further blanketed with almond-studded dark chocolate. The dessert is essentially made up of caramel and chocolate, yet it doesn't come across saccharinely sweet. What proved to be my undoing was the salted peanut gravel that oozed with delight after some warming up.

Unapologetically dark and rich, I'm all ready to put a ring on it.

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Dumpling Love said...

O.M.Goodness. I love peanut butter and chocolate too, and this is seriously making more morning tea look so incredibly dismal ><!