Monday, May 18

A plentiful weekend

From a random chat with KW, we both know there is still some way to go before we are "contented" with life, but we certainly are appreciative of how things are turning out.

Fortnight breakfast date with the Firstborn.

KW's cousin, Stella was back in Singapore with her little one, Ashton, and we had them both over for a play date and dinner. Among her many gifts were these super cute macarons from Bonheur Patisserie.

We had a simple takeaway dinner but I also made beef rendang. The flavours were really good but I felt I should have used a fattier cut instead of shin. I spy another round of rending in the near horizon.

I'm sure some of you would know how difficult it is to take pictures of toddlers. It is almost as if they have ants in their pants and can never sit still.

I need to brush up on my Sesame Street trivia. Called these dudes Elmo and Bernie. Bernie?!

Little Lucas hanging with his bumbo. Those cheeks! And of course, Russell, who loathed the bumbo when he was a baby, suddenly took an interest in it now that his baby brother has claimed it.

Always a lovely time at Da Paolo Gastronomia, complete with desserts. The right kind of "crunch time."

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