Monday, May 25

Awfully Chocolate Cafe, Sembawang Hills

The work week ended (and the weekend began) on a considerably dark note. There were some bumps at work, but thankfully a nightcap at Awfully Chocolate took my mind off work for a few hours.

The array at the cafe strives to appease all chocolate lovers with a variety of manicured monochromatic treats; but choose carefully for not all items are created equal. Well specifically, the white chocolate items were lacklustre. Some of you might refer to white chocolate as the Jon Snow of the Stark/chocolate family, but I don't mind it at all. In fact, I love how trashy white chocolate is when I'm in the mood.

The white chocolate creme brûlée sounded great on paper but reality proved otherwise. Though the custard and burnt sugar topping were quite lovely, I would have totally missed the white chocolate had I not read the sign before. Worse still, the addition of white chocolate had the unintended effect of negating the quality vanilla within, as seen from the generous specks vanilla beans.

The white chocolate butterscotch block also fell flat on the white chocolate front, and quite frankly, the dark chocolate Swiss roll within was rather dry. The only grace was perhaps the burst of salted caramel woven into the roll.

Not everything we ordered was great but what Awfully Chocolate does well, they did very well. Salted caramel is something they have perfected at Awfully Chocolate. My go-to the salted butterscotch brownie was a scrumptious bittersweet-salty treat that never fails to satisfy.

Their signature Ice Cream was remarkably dark and rich. Each spooful seems to coat your tongue with such intensity, determined to leave a lasting impression. Easily one of the best chocolate ice creams out there.

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